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What is a Conservatorship?

A Conservatorship is a court case where a judge appoints a responsible person or organization (called the “Conservator”) to care for another adult (called the “Conservatee”) who cannot care for himself or herself or manage his or her own finances.  The Judge will decide if you will have the power of all or some of the below responsibilities over the Conservatee:

  • ​​Decide where the Conservatee will live Manage the Conservatee’s social affairs
  • Manage the Conservatee’s financial affairs
  • Examine the Conservatee’s confidential records and papers
  • Sign a contract on behalf of the Conservatee
  • Give or withhold consent for medical treatments
  • Make decisions regarding education and vocational training
  • Give or withhold consent to the Conservatee’s marriage
  • Control the Conservatee’s sexual contacts and personal relationships

Preparation for Regional Center Clients with one petitioner ~ 1200 

Each additional petitioner ~ 50

A mother and child in conservatorship legal preparation in Simi Valley, CA

Easy Legal specializing in the assistance in working with families with a special needs child in their lives.  Cami is a proud mom of her 16 year old son with Autism.  She knows the importance of having her son's affairs in order for his Quality of Live after she is gone.  She can help your family plan as well.


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What is a Special Needs Trust (SNT)?

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) allows for a disabled person to maintain his or her eligibility for public assistance benefits (Medical, IHSS, Social Security and more), despite having assets that would otherwise make the person ineligible for those benefits.   Instead of leaving assets directly to the disabled adult child, the parents would establish a SNT leaving an inheridence to the SNT in their own Living Trust or Will.  The SNT would not be under the control of the child, and the child would not be able to revoke it and use the assets for his own purposes. The trust would have an independent trustee and would continue for the lifetime of the child.

It happens all too often. The government provides benefits to disabled or ill people but if the ill or disabled people inherit some money from their parents, suddenly the benefits stop until the inheritance is depleted by the disabled child. What took a life time of saving by parents hoping to help their children is wiped out in a few months.

Preparation of a Special Needs Trust ~ 500